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1. How would you like to live?

Welcome to our country! As an expat, you probably have certain wishes concerning your living spaces and would therefore like to find a residence where you can feel at home. We assume you do not want to scan countless websites to find an ideal place to rent. We would like to suggest that you share your wishes with Esteon and that you will let us do the work for you! Through us, you will be able to gain access to the biggest rental network for expats in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. After we have approved your profile, Esteon will find the perfect accomodation for you as soon as possible.

Are you looking for a furnished short-stay rental accomodation for an employee? Please contact our support team for further personal advice.
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2. View your matches and respond.

After you have placed a realistic search profile, you will quickly receive our matches for a living space. From then on, YOU will have full control. Press the ‘like’ button within 24 hours if you want to come into contact with the designated landlord or rental agent. Esteon will send him or her your contact information. Do you choose to ‘dislike’ our match? Then we would like to know why you’ve chosen to pass on this particular residence. With your feedback, we will be able to send you even better matches in the future.

3. Meet the landlords.

Yes, Esteon has found you a perfect match! As soon as you press ‘like’, we will send your contact information to the designated landlord or real estate agent. He or she will contact you to schedule a viewing. Is it also possible that the landlord or agent will first send you his or her contact information. In that case, you will receive his or her contact information. Do you still reside abroad at this point? No problem: Please contact our support team for a fitting solution.
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Postitieve review over Esteon

"I was searching for a place in Amsterdam. With the help of Esteon I could focus on my work without the stress of finding a new place on my own. Great service!"

Berniss (member)- From Dijon (France) to Amsterdam
Happy customer review Esteon

"I’m very satisfied. Cheerful customer service and I found my match through Esteon. Finally a website which gets it."

Dirk-Jan (member)- Utrecht
Happy customer review Esteon

"All the credits for this site. After a month I found my apartment through Esteon and the service works beyond expectation."

Sabine (member)- Amsterdam
Happy customer review Esteon

"The best way to find a living space is through Esteon. I definitely will make use of this service again and I would recommend it to everyone."

Michiel (member), Rotterdam
Happy customer review Esteon

"Very satisfied. Found my living space within a month. Good service! You do have to place a realistic search profile on this site."

Elise - Amsterdam

Esteon introduces a revolutionary new way for finding rentals for expats.

Why would you rummage through dozens of websites in search of a place to stay for yourself? Let Esteon do the searching for you! Benefit from our network and expertise.

Like or dislike

By using just two simple buttons, you can respond to our proposed rental matches.

Swipe through information

Swipe through the matches. Look at photo’s, descriptions, amenities and location info.

Save matches

Can’t decide whether you like a certain match? Just press ‘save’ and decide when you’re ready.

Manage your search profile(s)

Manage your search profiles and customize whenever you fee like it.

View near-matches

Haven’t received any matches yet? View the properties that almost match your search profile.

Share matches with friends

You're looking with multiple people? Share your search profile so they can receive notifications by mail.

Make your profile personal

Create a personal profile for landlords and rental agents to see.

Need help?

Call our advisors to review your profile. They will be more than happy to help you!
Esteon rentals
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Research has shown that Esteon members are very satisfied with our services. So, what are you waiting for..?
Satisfied with our matches 87%
Satisfied with our customer service 93%
Satisfied with the viewings 81%
Would recommend it to others 91%

Convinced that Esteon is the way to go? Get started and create your own profile! Any questions? Contact our support team: +31 85 888 38 18

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