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Over 450,000 house hunters went before you. Activate our search service and we will then monitor all the offers from a total of 100.000+ lessors at present. Simply fill in your housing requirements and you will immediately receive free personal advice. After this, the Esteon team will directly start working on your request for a home.

How does it work? You will give Esteon an assignment for a period of 90 or 180 days. During this period, Esteon will match your preferences with all the available rooms and apartments within our network. As soon as Esteon has found the perfect match, we will inform you of this via personal message. You can than either ’like’ or ’dislike’ the proposed living space.
The extended search service is available from € 6.95 per month!
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Our search service allows you to directly use the largest network, consisting of 100.000+ lessors. Experience our unique service and put the Esteon staff to work within a matter of minutes.
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Fill in your housing requirements and immediately receive personal advice from Lotte.
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We carry out the search and monitor all the new living space. We have already had 29.905.603 matches!
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What are your advantages?

With Esteon, you are immediately on the right track! We have summed up all the benefits for you:

Search service

Esteon will look for a home for you.


Pay less for better service.

24 / 7

We monitor housing offers for you 24 hours a day.


All living space becoming vacant and all the requests will be checked by our team manually.

100% Match guarantee

Not a single housing match within 90 days = money back.

Direct free advice

Fill in your housing requirements and calculate your chances of success to find a home.

Housing requirements are key

Based on your housing requirements, Esteon will search for fitting rental homes or student rooms.


Receive discounts in the costs of moving and more through your account.

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Research has shown that Esteon members are very satisfied with our services. So, what are you waiting for..?
Satisfied with our matches 87%
Satisfied with our customer service 93%
Satisfied with the viewings 81%
Would recommend it to others 91%
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