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Get connected to the biggest rental network of the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether it’s a room or an apartment you’d like to rent: Esteon will find you your ideal place to stay. The biggest advantage? You can leave the actual searching to us!

How does it work? You will give Esteon an assignment for a period of 90 or 180 days. During this period, Esteon will match your preferences with all the available rooms and apartments within our network. As soon as Esteon has found the perfect match, we will inform you of this via personal message. You can than either ’like’ or ’dislike’ the proposed living space.

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As a member of Esteon, you are instantly connected to the biggest rental network in the Netherlands and Belgium. That’s just awesome! Experience our unique service and put Esteon to work with just a few clicks.
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Postitieve review over Esteon

"I was searching for a place in Amsterdam. With the help of Esteon I could focus on my work without the stress of finding a new place on my own. Great service!"

Berniss (member)- From Dijon (France) to Amsterdam
Happy customer review Esteon

"I’m very satisfied. Cheerful customer service and I found my match through Esteon. Finally a website which get it."

Dirk-Jan (member)- Utrecht
Happy customer review Esteon

"All the credits for this site. After a month I found my website through Esteon and the service works beyond expectation."

Sabine (member)- Amsterdam
Happy customer review Esteon

"The best way to find a living space is through Esteon. I definitely will make use of this service again and I would recommend it to everyone."

Michiel (member), Rotterdam
Happy customer review Esteon

"Very satisfied. Found my living space within a month. Good service! You do have to place a realistic search profile on this site."

Elise - Amsterdam

What benefits do I have as an Esteon member?

With Esteon, you are immediately on the right track! We have summed up all the benefits for you:

Esteon will do all the work for you

You won’t have to go and find a place yourself.

Biggest network

Esteon has the biggest network of landlords, student houses and rental agents in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Your preferences are key

Based on your preferences, Esteon will find the perfect place for you.

Direct contact

Do you like a match we’ve suggested? We will establish direct contact between you and the designated landlord, student house or agent!

Network always up-to-date

A room or apartment that accommodates to your wishes has just become available? We will send you a personal message right away.

Always the best advice

Call our support team for advice and/or to optimise your search profile.

Like or dislike

'Like' or 'dislike' the matching rooms and apartments that you’ll receive.

Happy support

Our cheerful support team is at your disposal, every workday from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Members love Esteon!

Research has shown that Esteon members are very satisfied with our services. So, what are you waiting for..?
Satisfied with our matches 87%
Satisfied with our customer service 93%
Satisfied with the viewings 81%
Would recommend it to others 91%
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Convinced that Esteon is the way to go? Get started and create your own profile! Any questions? Contact our support team: +31 85 888 38 18

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