right of withdrawal

Right of Withdrawal

Yes, at Esteon you may invoke the right of withdrawal up to 14 days after purchasing a membership. You will not be required to state any reason for this. Each request is handled individually. A request may be submitted within the first 14 days after payment. After this you will not be entitled to invoke the right of withdrawal. However, Esteon does have a 90-day match guarantee. If you do not get a match for a house and/or room within 90 days, you will receive a refund of the entire amount paid.

You can simply exercise the right of withdrawal by sending a request to support[at]esteon.com within 14 days. This is also possible by mail: InterReal Group B.V. - Laan van Kronenburg 14 - 1183AS in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, addressed to Legal. It is important to state the e-mail address of the Esteon account here.

When will we investigate further?
It is possible that within 14 days, Esteon will have provided a partial search service. In that case, it will be investigated whether the (partial) service was provided and whether we have complied with the statutory requirements. In that case, you will receive a partial refund and not the entire amount. We handle each request individually. You will receive a reaction to your request within 5 working days.